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We know there are many talented creators who may not be able to attend our in-person portfolio reviews, so zAnime now offers this portal for you to submit your work online!

We are only accepting submissions for original anime. Pitches for manga, games or other media are not being accepted at this time.

Check our pitch guidelines for what we look for in a submission.

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Pitch Guidelines

  • Story Synopsis – Please provide a paragraph or so of the general story direction and atmosphere;
  • Proposed Series Outline – How do the story and characters develop as the series progresses?
  • Character Descriptions – The protagonist and the potential cast of characters should be described;
  • Target Audience and Comparable Titles – Who are the readers you imagine would enjoy this story? What do they like to read?
  • A brief creator bio – to get to know you and your creative goals;
  • Character Designs – Ok to add character designs or sketch work
  • A Pitch Deck/Look Book (if you have one, recommended)