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We can only accept submissions from creators 18 or older, so if you're a young creator please keep reading zAnime and perfecting your work until then.

Legal Agreement

I represent and warrant to zAnime that my submission is an original creation of mine, and if any other person is responsible for part of the submission, that person and their role is listed on the submission.

I understand that zAnime is not obligated to retain a copy of the submission, and I will not hold zAnime liable for loss or damage to a submission.

I understand that zAnime receives many submissions and cannot respond to every submission. If zAnime does not respond to the submission within 60 days, that means the submission was not accepted.

I understand that I am free to provide other publishers with my submission during the same period that zAnime is reviewing my submission.

I understand that my submission and the submission process will be governed by the laws of the State of California and the United States, and I agree that any dispute between me and zAnime regarding the submission will be resolved through good faith discussion. If that does not work, then we will submit the dispute to arbitration in the County of Los Angeles, CA in accordance with the rules and regulations of JAMS. In the event a dispute requires arbitration, the prevailing party shall be entitled to receive reimbursement from the non-prevailing party for all arbitration and other legal costs, expenses, and fees, in addition to any other recovery or award.