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Radar zAnime

In 2021, recognizing the emerging and surging worldwide popularity of anime, and also the lack of opportunities for talented anime writers, artists, directors, and producers outside of Japan, Cosette Moskowitz and her team created Radar zAnime. The name zAnime, like Superman’s equal General Zod, The Beatle’s zApple and numerous other examples, represents an alternative experimental opportunity to the comfortable exclusive mainstream.

What makes zAnime unique are the people and talent that come together to create it. zAnime seeks out zestful zealous people who can grasp this opportunity to create outstanding film and television anime content.

So can a cartoonic show created outside Japan be called anime? Not really, but it can, and will, be called zAnime.

Our Secret Sauce

Radar Pictures

Radar Pictures is a preeminent independent production company that produces, finances, and acquires feature-length motion pictures, television series, zAnime, podcasts, music, and live theatre created for the global marketplace.

Radar was officially formed in 1984 through its origin at Interscope Communications and is currently led by legendary industry veteran Ted Field. Having produced over 80 movies and over $9B in revenues, Ted Field and Radar have a strong track record and longstanding history as a successful production company.

Radar and Ted Field have produced hit movies and television such as: The Last Samurai, Wheel of Time, Runaway Bride, the Jumanji Franchise, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror remakes, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Three Men and a Baby, Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick Franchise and many more.

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Radar is launching new divisions in Music, Live Theatre, Podcasts, Documentaries, and Television. Radar looks forward to working with the leading artists and companies to create diversified entertainment items that will bring knowledge and enjoyment to people all over the world.